Tom and Hebron Tom & Hebron Chester grew up in Pocahontas, Arkansas. From an early age, they began to play, write, and perform music. In November 2012, they released their debut album Ridge Runner. It reached the Top Rock charts in iTunes and gained the brothers features on news programs, newspapers, and magazines, as well as invites to showcases, charities, festivals.

Now they await the release of their second album Zoyugo. Mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Brad Blackwood, Zoyugo is a celebration of the role women play in people’s lives. From a tin-roof cabin in the woods of rural Arkansas, the brothers provided every bit of sound heard on the album.

Produced, recorded, mixed, programmed, and written by the duo, Zoyugo, like Ridge Runner, is as independent as possible. All instruments (guitar, keyboard, rhythm, bass, strings, horns, etc.) and vocals were performed by the two for each of the twelve original tracks.

The brothers currently live in Nashville, TN.

Workhorse Creative Productions, the award winning creative production company based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, branded and produced the Zoyugo artwork and photography.